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What services does Artist House offer?

Artist House provides courses, digital tools, industry insider coaching, and a supportive community, focusing on digital growth and career development for musicians and managers.

Can beginners benefit from Artist House's resources?

Yes, Artist House caters to all levels, offering foundational courses and advanced strategies suitable for beginners and seasoned professionals alike.

Are the courses and tools suitable for all music genres?

Artist House's resources are designed to be genre-inclusive, providing valuable insights and strategies applicable to a wide range of musical styles.

How do members access industry insider coaching?

Members gain access to coaching through specific membership plans, which include direct interactions with experienced industry professionals. The platform we use is called Circle. It's a full community space with our entire coaching calendar inside where we stream our coaching rooms.

Can I hire the coaches or your team to implement my marketing, ads, or content/branding?

Yes, you certainly can! We are a division of AUSTERE, an award-winning creative and marketing agency focused on the music industry. Our team is equipped to handle a wide range of projects for musicians, management firms, and labels.

To discover our full capabilities and to book a discovery call, visit us at www.byaustere.com today!

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